Dispute Policy

Dispute Policy

The purpose of this policy is to underline the detailed process for dispute resolution with E-Quest Consulting Solutions Pvt. Ltd also hereby referred to as ‘’We’’, ‘’Us’’, ‘’Our’’, Perito | Find a Consultant application, Perito Consulting Partner application, and Website. Emphasis is on early identification and resolution with fair consideration of all sides of an issue or problem. This policy is to coexist with the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use for resolving any grievances and/or disputes.


Hereby in the policy, “You”, “Your”, “Member”, and “User” refers to the person accessing or using the website. By aggressing to the terms, we understand that you completely comply and express your consent to the dispute policy of this website. If you refuse to comply with the terms, please do not click on the *I Agree* button. The user must read the Dispute policy thoroughly and carefully before filing any dispute so as initiate a smooth process.  


The key highlight of the Dispute Policy is reaching to a fair resolution of any dispute, conflict, or disagreements that may arise periodically and might threaten the smooth functioning of the process.


At ‘‘E-Quest Consulting Solutions Pvt Ltd’’, we are committed to offering you the best possible experience with quality service rendered.

Chat- In this mode of communication, a fixed price is applicable per question. A certain amount will be deducted from your wallet for the service rendered. 

Call- In this mode of communication, per minute charge will be applicable. A specified amount will be deducted accordingly from your wallet for the minutes consumed.

Schedule a Meeting: In a pre-scheduled call or video call, a certain charge is applicable that is calculated per hour.

Start a Project Contract: The terms and conditions applicable in this scenario are different from the terms of the dispute policy of ‘‘E-Quest Consulting Solutions Pvt Ltd’’.

Apart from statutory compliances, Privacy Policy, and General policy, it will have its terms. The following dispute policy will not be applicable. Please refer to your project consultant for further queries.

We have drafted different terms of dispute policy for different modes of communication. To get a detailed idea regarding features and services, kindly refer to the Terms of Use. 

5. Price Range

At ‘‘E-Quest Consulting Solutions Pvt Ltd’’, we have curated the pricing as per the services rendered. Our services are defined with quality, are constructive, and substantially accurate. The pricing details are provided to you beforehand according to the effort and efficiency of the service. All in all, the pricing is relative to the services. 

6. Raising a Dispute

The registered user can raise a dispute or grievance if the user considers that the services rendered have not appeased them or have not been adequate. The User reserves the right to raise a dispute when

- Not Satisfied with the Consultant or Services Provided -Incorrect, ill-considered, ill-conceived answers

- If the services provided are not competent or up to the standards. Once the dispute is raised, it is reviewed by the backend team, and the decision taken is considered final. Here are the three below-mentioned developments that are deemed final after considering the scenario.

  • Dispute Won – Full Refund
  • Dispute Won – Partial Refund
  • Dispute Lost- No Refund

 7. The Dispute Resolution Timeline

In the Chat and Call medium, you can raise a dispute within 7 calendar days, or else you cannot raise a dispute.

Considering the meeting is scheduled, you can raise a dispute within 3 calendar days, or else you cannot raise a dispute. Ideally, it takes 72 business hours for the backend support team to review and resolve the dispute.

However, in certain scenarios, the timeline does get extended due to considering additional information and reviewing the scenario. Every aspect is taken into consideration, and then the final verdict is provided. In such cases, our support team will contact you.

8. Refund

A refund is credited to your wallet. In the case a dispute is won, be it full or partial, the applicable refund amount will be credited to your wallet within 3-5 business days.

However, in the case of a lost dispute, no refund will be initiated and the website is not liable for losses incurred by the ‘’USER’’ won’t be taken responsibility for any losses incurred.

9. Misuse of Dispute Provision: Breach and Data Violation

For consumer protection, misuse or violation of any conditions on multiple occasions shall lead to cancellation of the registration of the user/account suspension. The website reserves the right to terminate and take action if any of the following conditions are met:

  • The Website is unable to verify and authenticate the user's registration data or any other relevant information.
  • The Website believes that the actions of the user may cause legal liability for the Website, other users, or any service provider linked with the Website.
  • In the case of improper conduct on multiple occasions, that discourages the smooth functioning of the process.
  • Infringement on the Terms of Service or any other policy
  • Attempting to get information for any illegitimate business affects the esteem of the platform.
  • If the user is involved in any illicit activities like money laundering, etc.

10. Jurisdiction & Applicable Law

    E-Quest Consulting Solutions Pvt Ltd’’ is not liable for any losses and won’t take responsibility for any losses incurred. This Dispute Policy is construed in accordance with the applicable laws of India.

These contracts provide us with an opportunity to secure rights and define responsibilities between parties that are legally enforceable by way of various terms and conditions. A well-drafted contract provides clarity, along with freedom, to the parties in mutually determining the terms and conditions of their relationship. Any dispute or difference, either in interpretation or with respect to any of the terms of this Dispute Policy between the parties hereto, the same shall be referred to an independent arbitrator who will be appointed by ‘‘E-Quest Consulting Solutions Pvt Ltd’’ and the decision shall be final and binding on the parties hereto. The above arbitration shall be in accordance with the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996, as amended from time to time. "We, as a merchant, shall be under no liability whatsoever in respect of any loss or damage arising directly or indirectly out of the decline of authorization for any transaction, on account of the cardholder having exceeded the preset limit mutually agreed by us with our acquiring bank from time to time."

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