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Top 3 Immigration Friendly Countries for Indians

You should definitely consider these 3 countries if you are immigrating for work, study or settling down. Every year millions of people immigrate from India as they prefer better education, a higher standard of living, better benefits, and opportunities. 

What documents do you need before you are intending to immigrate 

  • A passport
  • Your Student/Work/Visitor visa /PR Permit
  • Electronic Travel Authorization (Without this document you will not be permitted entry into the country.)

1. Canada

The long history of immigration in the country and the government’s multiculturalism policy have helped to promote diversity. Around one-third of Canada’s immigrants are of Indian origin and it accepts hundreds of thousands of immigrants as permanent residents or refugees from all around the world every year. In 2021, Canada allowed around 4,05,000 immigrants to get Permanent Residency.

  • Canadian Student Visa

- You have to apply for a student visa to enter the country. It takes only 15 days to get a Canadian student visa, unless they need any extra documentation

- For a student visa, your age should be between 18 to 35

- Through the Student Direct Stream program, you can get your student permit quicker, as this is a fast-track program

- You have to prove that you have enough money for tuition fees and manage your expenses for settling down in this country

- You need an acceptance letter from a Canadian university.

- When choosing the University, choose a DLI (Designated Learning Institution) in Canada only these institutions have permission to host international students

  • Canadian Work Visa

- There’s an online work visa application form you can fill

- Proof that you have/earn enough money for you & your family to sustain yourself in Canada

- There are two types of work visas you can apply for: 

Open Work Permit: If you are working with a company and staying in this country for a while, you can get an open work permit. Freelancers & Businessmen can also apply for it. You can include a copy of the employer’s labour market impact assessment or an offer of employment number if you are seeking an employer-specific work permit

Dependent Work Permit: For a dependent visa, you can get your friend or family member who is dependent on your visa till they get their relevant visas (work, student or PR.)

  • Permanent Residency in Canada

Canada has a point-based system to define eligibility for applicants for a PR. You should have a minimum of 67 immigration points to be eligible for this which are based on several factors. (We will be sharing another article which will explain Canada’s point-based Residency Visa, you can subscribe to our Newsletter to receive future updates)

- Proficiency in English is a must & proficiency in French adds points to your application. You should clear a level 7 in the (CLB) Canadian Language Benchmark test

- For applying you should be between 18-49 years.

- Express Entry System is the fastest and most popular way to get a Canadian PR

2. Germany

Indians see a move to Germany as a good opportunity, which has the 4th largest economy in the world. The high standard of living, employment opportunities, education systems & most importantly their well-performing economy, is the reason Germany is a popular choice for people looking to migrate. You have to prove that you are financially strong, have health insurance, and to live here, you should have Proficiency in German with a B1 level proficiency (There are 3 levels, A1 to C3).

  • German Student Visa

- If your course is for more than 3 months, you’ll need a German national visa

- You can contact a German Embassy or Consulate in your country

- The German visa application costs you around 75-EUR.

- For visa appointments use the Online System; you can also do this in person, by fax or by phone. 

- You will also need a University acceptance letter to support your application

  • German Work Visa

- Either you can find a job, then apply for an entry visa for employment, or apply for a job-seeker visa and then find employment

- It can take one to three months to get the work visa, from the application day.

- It costs 75 Euros

  • Permanent Residency in Germany

- If you have lived in Germany for a minimum of two years, you can apply for a visa (They should be a skilled worker or have done vocational training.)

- You can apply after a maximum of five years of living in Germany as an asylum seeker or refugee. The period can be shortened to three years if you can speak German well and are able to earn your own living

- German PR will cost you €113 if you are a Skilled worker

- You have to visit the local immigration office there to fill up a form & fees. You also have to clear an interview

- Once you submit your application and documents at the Immigration office, it will take about two to three weeks for them to reach a decision

3. The United Kingdom

The UK is famous and the first choice for Indians who want to move to another country. The Universities in the UK have one of the best study programs globally which make students come to choose the UK & the opportunities make many build a career there as well. 

The Post-Graduation degree & living standards here are better than in most countries. You get a chance to study at the best Universities & work with great brands as most major global companies locations in the UK. It's also easy to get part-time jobs and permanent employment is usually not difficult to find.

  • UK Student Visas

- It is easy to settle in the UK by student route. Get a student visa, then a work visa and lastly a PR

- As an Indian student, you can apply for different types of scholarships by the UK Government, for studying in the UK

- Before even applying to a University, you should apply for a visa 6 months in advance

- You need to have a letter of acceptance from the university you are going to study there and are applying for a Student Visa

- The fee for a Student visa application is £363

  • UK Work Visa

- You cannot apply for a work permit directly. Your employer has to provide you with a Work visa 

- The length of your permit will depend on the type of work you do and the sort of permit granted

- The UK immigration point system decides your eligibility for work visas when applying on your own. In the UK points system, points are awarded for the following:

Qualifications, Future expected earnings, Sponsorship, English language skill & Self-provided funds

  • Permanent Residency in the United Kingdom

- If you are between the ages of 18 and 64, you have to take the “Life in the UK Test.”

- A minimum of 2 years living in this country makes it easier to get a Permanent residency

- You will also have to fill out an application for a BRP (Biometric Residence Permit) to apply for the PR

In Conclusion

Given economic development, career and education opportunities, better lifestyle, etc. Canada, UK & Germany are the most preferred countries by Indians who are looking to migrate. Hope the above points and notes help However, the visa process can sometimes get tricky or confusing.

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